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5 Best Free Time Management Apps

Managing time image : smartfile

Time management is a one thing that most people wish they could get right. However, the opposite is true, and we are always trying to fill in the gaps that cannot be accounted for. Successful people are very good time managers, either through habit or using time management tools. The time management tools differ in […]

Eveready new investments and sale of Nakuru land

Eveready East Africa Limited which is a power solution provider had called for an Extraordinary General Meeting on October 6th 2016 that would commence at 11am at Merica Hotel, in Nakuru to discuss on certain agendas. The main one primarily was to discuss on selling the 18.5 acre piece of land in Nakuru this is […]

Cleaning Solar Panels to improve efficiency

Clean solar panels ensure higher output and efficient energy conversion. Energy output from solar panels is determined by factors such as the installation, amount of sun, direction, tilt and the cleanliness of the surface. Most of the solar panels are self cleaning if the tilt angle allows, however, this does not happen when the tilt […]

9 Ways to Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

Making your smartphone battery to last longer requires a combination of things. The use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tables, laptops and other portable electronics has been on the increase over the last few years. With advanced features and functionalities, the mobile devices have changed the way people are communicating and working. Despite the […]

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