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US Food Chain Hardee Expands its Market in Kenya

Hardee restaurant was started with an aim of providing modestly priced hamburgers and French fries for income generation. It was in 1960 that the first Hardee restaurant was started in Greenville. By then, they were offering char broiled hamburgers with quick service. At first, Hardee was solely by Wilbur Hardee, but got partnership offers from […]

Westside Mall Is the Largest Mall in Nakuru

The Westside Mall is the largest mall in Nakuru town and surrounding areas in the rift valley region. The Nakuru town, which is also the Nakuru County headquarters, is approximately 160 kilometers from Nairobi City and famous for its rich agricultural resources and numerous tourist attractions that make it one of the busiest economic centers […]

Shopping malls along Thika road

With no doubt, the development and expansion of the Thika super highway has significantly improved the well-being of the residents along this road, the development of business along the same road, and everything including property has appreciated in value. For this reason, investors have taken this opportunity and set up various businesses including shopping malls […]

Hotels in Kiambu County

Kiambu is rapidly growing mostly due to its close proximity to Nairobi, which has started to experience limited land resources with ever increasing urban population. The county is relatively rural which provide a serene environment which the hotel industry has taken advantage by establishing prestigious hotels. WINDSOR GOLF HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB This is a […]

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