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Kenya Introduces Digital E-Passports

Kenya’s immigration Department plans to abolish the current manual passports and start issuing electronic e-passports by 2019. There will be new passports that will have an electronic chip with all the information found in the old-model passport. All the passports will be registered by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The e-passport will pave way for  […]

Lukenya University building with Hydraform interlocking Blocks

constructing a wall using hydraform interlocking blocks.jpg

Lukenya University is constructing its buildings using the hydraform interlocking blocks, a technology that is less costly than the traditional building methods. In a bid to minimize its construction cost, Lukenya University has started constructing its new building with hydra interlocking blocks. Most African countries are embracing the hydra block technology for the purpose of […]

Human Scent Baited, Solar Powered Mosquito Traps

Solar powered traps baited with human body odor may provide an effective method of trapping and killing the malaria causing mosquitoes. The solar-powered odor-baited mosquito trapping systems (SMoTS) have so far given positive results, and may provide an effective malaria intervention method. Even though people are now scared about the new Zika virus, malaria is […]

Cleaning Solar Panels to improve efficiency

Clean solar panels ensure higher output and efficient energy conversion. Energy output from solar panels is determined by factors such as the installation, amount of sun, direction, tilt and the cleanliness of the surface. Most of the solar panels are self cleaning if the tilt angle allows, however, this does not happen when the tilt […]

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