9 Ways to Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

Making your smartphone battery to last longer requires a combination of things.

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tables, laptops and other portable electronics has been on the increase over the last few years. With advanced features and functionalities, the mobile devices have changed the way people are communicating and working.


Despite the developments of new and advanced electronic hardware, the battery technology has not kept in pace and users must keep on charging their devices from time to time. On a busy day, you may be required to charge the smartphone several times.

This has largely been due to the power hungry electronics such as processors, large, bright screens, cameras, Wi-Fi other radios as well as powerful apps.


There is still a lot that you can do in order to extend the little battery power till the next charge. However, you have to do away with some functionality, but only when you are travelling or not in a position to charge the smartphone and you do not want to go offline.


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Keep your cell phone away from heat

 Heat beyond a certain level will deteriorate the electronic components, reducing their operational efficiency and degrading the overall performance. This reduces the battery life because it also uses electronics components and some temperature dependent battery material.


For these reasons, keep your smartphone away from heat such as placing them on hot surfaces, on the car dashboard or seat, directly under the sun and other hot places.

Use the power saving mode

A power saving mode extends the battery life by turning off some of the functions. Most of the smartphones have several inbuilt power modes in the operating systems. Some have the normal mode and the power saving mode, while others may have an Ultra power saving mode. The normal saving mode is customizable such that it you can choose what to turn off and what to leave on.


The ultra saving mode provides the best savings by turning off the most apps and functions, leaving a black background, reduced brightness and basic functions – clock, contacts, dialer, and text messages.

There are also some third party apps that you can use to add the power saving functionality either to enhance the inbuilt apps or when your phone doesn’t have the power saving modes.

User your cell phone in silent mode

The vibrator is a great and convenient function just as the sound ringer with customizable ringtones. However, these come at a cost as far as the battery life is concerned. Some of us prefer using both notifications, and there are a variety of combinations; vibrate and ring, vibrate and ring with ascending sound, and many more.

This happens whenever there is an incoming call, message, email, or a social media updates. There is even of enabling the notification on every time one taps a key when writing a message or performing other functions.

Keep the volume down

The ringer volume is also another battery drainer and if you must use the function, better keep the volume as low as practically possible. The same goes when listening to music or playing multimedia files such as videos or games.

The amount of sound from the smartphone is directly proportional to the power used. A higher volume uses more battery power to supply the amplifier and other associated components. Keep the volume low and this will get some more minutes from your smartphone battery.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Location and Bluetooth radios

The Wi-Fi and other radios in smartphone are not always required, so it will be advisable to turn them off and only switch them on when required. It is also unlikely that all of them will be used at the same time. The Wi-Fi in particular is one that consumes the battery most, especially when the Wi-Fi signal is low.

During this time, it must search and boost the signal. The location and GPS will also consume the battery as they keep on polling to get the locations. Unless required, turn all these radios off.

If practically possible, use the 2G cellular signal for internet access if the speed is not an issue, otherwise us the 3G or 4G instead of the Wi-Fi, unless the data are too expensive.

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Lower the screen brightness

The smartphones are now using large, high resolution and bright screens which require more power to perform. However, they are also big battery drainers and it is important to lower the brightness to just what is enough.

Reduce the screen timeout period

Configure your smartphone to turn off the screen whenever it is not in use. There are customizable automatic options. Set this to the lowest time possible, which is either 15 or 30 seconds. This avoids your smartphone using the battery power to light the screen when you are not using it or when in the pocket.

Turn off notifications

We all want to be up to date with our emails, social media, politics and anything else that is happening around us. This has been made possible by the numerous apps and access to the internet. However, it comes at a cost; the apps must keep on polling and checking the internet for updates. When doing this they use the processor power in addition to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, hence draining the battery further.

The notifications must also use the ringer or vibration to alert you whenever there is an update. If possible, turn off the apps and notifications, you can update these manually.

Other things you can do to save the smartphone battery life include;

  • Close unused apps
  • Do not use live wallpapers
  • Minimize use of torch
  • Minimize the use of camera and flash.



Despite improvements in the electronics, hardware, and software in mobile devices, the batteries seems to have been left behind. The battery life is shorter than what most users would wish for, and users must keep on charging the phones every now and then.

However, by changing a few things in the way you use your gadget, you can add a few more minutes if not hours of your battery life. These can be very useful if you in a place with no power, such as when travelling or in remote areas. It may require some sacrifice, but it will enable you to keep your phone on till the next charge.

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