Fake Miracle Pastors in Kenya Busted

Kenyans, just like many people around the world are faced with a lot of challenges in life. This has left many people with only one option, of calling upon God to help them face these hard times such as sickness, unemployment, poverty, bad relationships and other life challenges.

Several churches have come up, and they all have some spiritual names that are very convincing to the followers who are seeking divine intervention in their lives. Pastors from some of these churches have their own selfish agendas. Which they achieve by making people believe that in deed they are anointed to heal and deliver. Do not forget that they have a very convincing art to act spiritual and emotional  in addition to using a language to attract huge following to their churches.

When they go out to preach and do “miracles’ the fake pastors ensure they have prior knowledge of their unsuspecting followers. Before setting the trap, they have a team that collects crucial information from the worshipers who either visit the offices or call on the phone. The team will get the names, the problems they have, their dressing and much more. This information is passed on to the senior pastors who will then come out to call on the needy people “prophetically” the congregation will then be convinced beyond doubt.

These miracles come in different packages according to how the needy people can afford and what they are willing to part with, if you have little money then you may just get a very ‘small’, fast prayer or even a late appointment, but for those who have loads of cash, the miracles are instant and also packaged very well.

There are even some people who are paid to pose as though miracles have happened to them, they are coached on how to act from the beginning to the end. On some occasions, the “actors” who were not paid have turned against the pastors and expose  them to the public. This have however not helped much since many people continue going to the same churches. In fact, the congregations of these questioned pastors are the ones who come out loud to defend the pastors.

There has been a call to the government to come out and vet the churches so as to flash out those false and fake pastors who are taking advantage of people’s misfortune to enrich themselves . The self regulation on the part of the church is also taking part of blame . The church says that the government should not control or regulate them since this will interfere with the freedom of worship, but the church is also not able to tame the wayward pastors who are spoiling the name of the genuine churches.


There is also a call to investigate false preachers and stage managed miracles by these pastors. The other blame is laid on the congregation, they are asked to give way and time for the pastors who have been accused to clear their names before they flock back to the churches again. The most common slogan that many church leaders are using to con the unsuspecting Kenyans is the call to plant a seed, the church leaders say that the followers of any church are supposed only to give their offerings and a tithe of 10% and not planting seeds to get miracles in return.

They insist that the church is the only place that should be led by the holy spirit. There is a provision for freedom of worship in the constitution, and this is what makes it tricky for the Attorney General to take any action against such church leaders, and there is also a known “truth” that even those churches abroad use the same means to get money, the claim says the church has ceased to be a house of God and turned into a business place.


One of the pastors who is alleged to perform fake miracles is one Prophet Dr.  Victor Kanyari of Salvation Church Ministries . He was caught on camera couching witnesses on what to say in church, but so far has maintained that he does not do any coaching and that his miracles are genuine.


There was  case demonstrated former ‘Pastor’  who went on to explain how Pastor Kanyari, has been using potassium permanganate to cheat the worshipers he is cleansing them of their bewitchment. His team will pretend to wash the followers and in the process touch the Potassium permanganate powder. Once the powder gets water, it turns into a red color that makes the water look like it has some blood.


This is a proof enough to the unsuspecting follower that demons were indeed thriving in their bodies and to make the matters worse, person doing the washing will drop some needles inside the ‘bloody’ water. Something that further proves that a miracle has indeed being performed.


The news about how Pastor Kanyari’s who is famous for his KES 310 plant a seed money advert, has been trending for some time and will most likely continue to be debated from various angles in Kenya. But one thing that stood out is how the Pastor kanyari is a shrewd businessman.


Not even the fact that he is a form 2 dropout, has deterred him from managing a huge following and getting himself riches that even professors cannot come close to. From driving the top of the range vehicles and having other investments for the church or rather himself since you cannot separate the two.

The Jicho Pevu team of Mohamed Ali, has opened people’s eyes and by exposing how some of the said miracles are stage managed. It is now up to the followers and the public to make their own judgments since no one is ever forced to pay for miracles and most people do it on their own will.




1 thought on “Fake Miracle Pastors in Kenya Busted

  1. Mike says:

    It is really sad how Nigerians like to justify the extravagant lifestyle of pastors. I am a christian and believe 100% in the course of Christianity, in fact a Christian fanatic. I have seen a similar story on Sahara Reporters and was appalled by people’s comments justifying it that they have worked for it. The poor congregation that drop their offering, didn’t they work for it? I also think its due to this opulent lifestyle that even breeds more corruption as our politicians steal money to come and give them which they collect without admonishing. Church is now competition and business. In the past, we knew missionaries to be philanthropic, and missionary schools to provide free education, but today, the schools of these churches are the most expensive, making it difficult for even their poor congregation to afford. Even if they do not want to make the fees moderate for reasons of keeping the school in a quality state, i have never heard of any scholarship programs given to the poor intelligent students. What is Oyedepo doing with four jets? I can understand one, but 4, i don’t. They criticize TB Joshua, but to me he is a practical Christian. In a country where many people live below the poverty line, these pastors drive with their Limo while they see poor beggars on the street. They do not give anything back to the society despite all that is given to them. Church is now serious business. may God help us Christians to live a Godly life in Jesus Name!

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