How do you apply for a birth certificate online in Kenya

A birth certificate is an essential identification document that enables access to services for a child until he or she attains the age of 18 years and acquires a national identity card.

A birth certificate simplifies the application of other essential documents that might be necessary for life such as ID, passport, visa, examination registration, and other procedures that require identification.

A child born in Kenya should be registered for a birth certificate after birth.  It is also essential for parents or guardians to follow up on the issue until they get a birth certificate in their hands for smooth sailing when documents are required. Technology has made it simpler and more convenient to apply for a birth certificate because you can apply for it online.

Birth certificate online application

Government services in Kenya are available in electronic form on a platform called Citizen. And the birth certificate is one of the services that you can access here.

You start by creating an eCitizen account using an ID card number. Submit a working email as part of account creation. The ID or email will be the way to log in to the eCitizen account together with a password.

The email is the place where the eCitizen portal will send a message when you want to reset a password. Also, provide a genuinely registered phone number.

After successful registration and signing into the account, you can under the Civil Registration Department apply for a birth certificate.  Applications take place through a parent’s account that is linked to a phone number that will be used to make any payments through mobile money transfer. A parent can apply under these categories:

  • Child current
  • Adult current
  • Late registration certificate


Child Current is an application for births that took place in a hospital and the healthcare facility issued a notification. Submission should be in the account of a parent/guardian for applicants below age 18.  Parents/Guardians should apply at least 30 days after birth.

Submission Requirements

  • A scanned copy of a birth notification
  • Scanned copy of National ID for applicants over 18 years
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  • Scanned copy of a parent’s ID
  • A scanned copy of an original birth certificate for persons applying for replacements
  • Payment of application fees



birth certificate

Application steps

  1. Sign in to eCitizen. Fill in an online form and relevant documents in PDF then submit them. The form has an option for an applicant to choose a new certificate or replacement.
  2. Choose a new birth certificate and that the birth took place in a health facility. You can amend the name of a child, add an extra name, or remove spelling mistakes if you had made an earlier application. The amendment is allowed only for children below two years.
  3. Requirements for new applications are that one must decline an amendment option. One should acknowledge that a child is under 18 years and proceed to fill in: the county of the birth, hospital, and birth notification number.
  4. Attach a scanned PDF copy of the birth notification.
  5. Fill in three names of a child and gender. Fill in the name and ID number of both parents. Upload scanned copies of IDs for both parents and one for single parents
  6. Choose a pickup location for the certificate from included options like Huduma Centers or county birth and death registries.

The certificate is ready for collection in 2 to months. Applicants get a notification by text message when a certificate is ready for collection.

An early collection will save you from lining in a long queue outside government offices as many do in the last few months for examination registration.

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