How To Check Nairobi Water Bill Electronically

It is not convenient to rely on receiving a water bill from Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC) through a post box. It can delay putting you at the risk of late payments, disconnection, and late payment. You can check your water bill to receive the amount faster and conveniently.

Register on NWSC services portal 

  • Type on the browser
  • Click the online services tab. The system redirects to a new window.
  • Fill in Login details according to directions and click on submit.

After successful registration, you will be finding outstanding bills on the portal.

Check Your Bill by Phone

Checking a water bill through a mobile phone is an alternative to registering and checking the bill through the water company website. NWSC created a short code *888# for checking water bills, seeking assistance from the institution, or correct personal details. Use these steps:

  • Dial *888#
  • A pop-up window with seven options appears, with each directing to a different service.
  • Choose option 2 to check the outstanding water bill balance
  • Wait for balance to show on screen

You can also check the balance and receive a text message. Create new SMS on your phone, type the account number and send it to 20557.

Check water bill by Jambo pay. 

Jambo Pay has an online method for checking water bills.

To check,:

The process takes a long time, but you will eventually receive the bill.

You can register to receive an e bill every month through one of the ways below.

  1. Register by emailing account details to register [email protected]. NCWS will be sending emailing your monthly bill
  2. Dial*369*40# on the phone. Follow the prompts to the end.

Technology allows the payment of bills electronically so you can pay soon after determining the water bill.

You can use the options below to pay your bill:

NCWS authorized payment point

Customers can pay bills through cheques or cards at the NCWS office along Kenyatta Avenue in the central business district.  NCWS warns customers against payment through other staff members except for the authorized cashiers.


  • Select Pay Bill on the M-Pesa menu
  • Enter 444400 after the enter business number prompt
  • Enter the bill′s account number
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Type the M-Pesa pin
  • Confirm if the entries are correct and press OK


  • Go my money
  • Select send/pay
  • Select your account number
  • Select the business
  • Select bill: Nairobi Water-6800002
  • Enter bill account number
  • Enter amount to pay and confirm details

Airtel money

  • Select Airtel money on the menu
  • Select make payments
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Choose Nairobi Water
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Go to reference and enter Nairobi water account number

Take advantage of the different payment options to pay the water bill on time.


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