How to Check and pay KPLC Bills using Mobile phone and Other Methods

Digital technologies have made it easy to check and pay electricity bills on your mobile phone or the internet. Nowadays, you can determine the actual amount even before receiving the printed bill from the post office.

Below are the different ways to check your KPLC bill:


Check Kenya Power Bill by SMS

You can check your electricity bill using your mobile phone. You will then receive a text message with the amount to pay and the due date. You do not even need a smartphone since you can use the USSD option.

To check your KPLC bill on the phone;

  • Type the first part of your KP account number in a phone message. For instance, type 112233 in the message field if your account is 112233-01.
  • Send the message to 95551.
  • You will receive a reply with the account balance in a few seconds.
  • The service will cost KSh5 above the standard SMS rates.
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Check the bill through the Kenya power website

Access the service by typing on your web browser. Once you access it, follow the following  steps:

  • Click the tab labeled MY BILL and then the Bill/meter Query to the right of the tab if you want to know the bill without creating an online account. You will get a redirect to another tab for filing your account number.
  • Click search, and you will see your bill balance within a few seconds. You will be redirected to a second tab with fields to fill in the details for creating an online account.
  • You will get an account where you can log in to the future and check your bills electronically.

After registration of an online account, you will still be receiving your bill through a postal address, but you have the advantage of checking on the Kenya power and lighting company website.

Check by e-bill Email Service

E-bill mail service allows checking of electricity account balance and due date of the bill through email.

  • Log in to your email account to compose a new email
  • Type the first part of your Kenya Power account number in the email’s subject field. For example, type 112233 if your account number is 112233-01.
  • Email a blank message to the email address [email protected]. You will get an automatic reply with the account balance within a few minutes.

Please note that you must enter the account details when checking to ensure that you get your bill. Otherwise, a mistake could result in getting-, and paying for a bill that belongs to someone else.

How to Pay Kenya Power Bill

Once you get the bill from any of the three methods, you can proceed to pay, especially if the due date is near to avoid disconnection and associated charges and inconveniences. You have several options to pay KPLC bills.

Cash payment

Cash payment was the method to pay bills for many years. Customers had to queue at Kenya Power offices, waiting for a turn to reach the cashier booth and pay for a monthly bill. You can still pay at Kenya power authorized pay points within the company′s premises, but many KPLC consumers no longer use the route to pay their electricity bills.

You can get your Kenya power bill from a mailbox at the post office and pay at the same place. You will proceed to a cashier′s booth, pay the amount and get a receipt. The transaction is registered at the Kenya Power offices.

How to pay KPLC bill with M-Pesa

Postpaid KPLC meter payments from M-Pesa should be by pay bill 888888.  Avoid 888880 because it is for pre-paid tokens. You will use these steps to pay your bill via Mpesa.

  • Go to the M-Pesa menu on your phone.
  • Choose the Pay Bill option
  • Go to business number and Key in pay bill number 888888
  • Enter your account number in the account section e.g 112233-01
  • Key in the amount you want to pay. It should be between Ksh 100 and 35,000
  • Enter M-Pesa Pin
  • Confirm if the details are accurate and press OK.

You will shortly receive a confirmation message from KPLC.

How to pay KPLC Bill with Equitel

  • Select Eazzy Pay from the Equitel menu
  • Select pay bill from your Eazzy pay
  • Choose the bank account number from where you want to pay
  • Enter Kenya Power meter number
  • Enter the amount to pay (between Ksh 100 and 500,000)
  • Enter Equitel PIN and press OK
  • Confirm the accuracy details, and if they are, press 1 to authorize payment
  • Receive a text confirming the transaction from the equity bank.

The payment will reflect in your electricity account on the same day.

How to Pay KPLC bill through mobile banking system – M-Banking

You can use your cell phone to pay an electricity bill if you have a Cooperative Bank, Family Bank, or another financial institution account. However, you must be registered with the M-Banking service of the bank. Your Kenya Power account number must also be registered with the bank too.

Please check if your bank supports the bill payment. For the banks that allow you to pay KPLC bills, it will deduct the money from your account. You may also need to verify the charges, since some banks may charge you more than using mobile money.

How to pay KPLC bills using Pesapal

You can use Pesapal mobile to inquire about your Kenya Power bill and pay. The App allows payment of bills, buying, tickets, and booking flights or holidays.

You pay for the electricity account bill in these steps.

  • Download the Pesapal Mobile app from Google Play Store or the APP store and install it. Open the App if you have already installed it.
  • Navigate to the electricity icon and click
  • Select Postpaid and Key in the account KP account number. Click check balance to determine the bill balance.
  • After the balance displays, you pay a partial or full amount.

You can also set the App to pay each month automatically.

  • Select the My Bills option on the top left of the landing page
  • Select add account to display a variety of bills that you can pay through the App
  • Choose the Electricity option. The App will prompt you to Key in the bill details.
  •  Schedule payment by setting the bill on recurring payment
  • Select the date, amount, frequency, and the card you will be using

The APP will deduct the amount automatically from the card each month.

Paying a power bill is now convenient and you do not have to wait for the physical bill, then proceed to queue in the KPLC banking hall. Today, you have several options such as using the phone, internet, and other third-party vendors. One of teh main benefits is that you can use teh digital technologies to pay KPLC bills any time of the day from anywhere.

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