Could Gnabry Leave Bayern?

The soccer season is steadily coming to an end, with the new one starting amidst transfer negotiations and bids. Soccer is the most popular sport globally and boasts a following of over 3.5 billion viewers. With the significant interest in the sport, it’s no surprise that viewers and sports fanatics will keep their eyes peeled for any transfers happening next season.

People watching soccer

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The lineup of the teams can quickly determine whether they have a successful season ahead of them. It also gives Kenyan punters an idea of how the season will go, opening new bets and lines. Many online sportsbooks are already preparing for the new season, and the sportsbook 10bet is live in Kenya currently, along with so.

One of the controversial transfers that seem possible next season is the one of Serge Gnabry. We take a look at the Bayern Munich club and Gnabry’s future with them.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich, otherwise known as FC Bayern, is a German soccer club known as the most successful club in German soccer history. It has won over 31 national titles, with nine of those titles won consecutively since 2013. They’ve also won 20 national cups, various European honors, and six UEFA Champion Leagues.

It won the FIFA World Cup in 2020 and is one of five clubs to win all three of the UEFA main competitions. It’s also the second club ever to win the sextuple. The sextuple refers to winning six major soccer tournaments in a row. The FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Cup, European Cup Winners, UEFA Super Cups, FIFA Club World Cups, and the Intercontinental Cups are part of the sextuple.

It’s currently ranked first on the UEFA club rankings, making it no wonder that many eyes are directed toward it. With the upcoming season’s transfers being negotiated, many wonder whether Bayern will let go of Gnabry.

Serge Gnabry

One of the best German wingers, Serge Gnabry, has made a name for himself with 40 assists and 61 goals in 163 games. Gnabry is one of Bayern’s key players, and if he leaves the club, it will leave a gap in the forward line. However, while it was initially thought Gnabry would extend with Bayern, this is no longer the case.

There has been significant silence from Gnabry and Bayern’s side on whether the German player is staying on. The longer they don’t confirm anything, the more it is believed that Gnabry will leave Bayern when his contract ends in 2023. If that is true, Bayern will be looking to sell Gnabry this coming season. The funds can be used to find a replacement for Gnabry, but what will be the consequences of such a decision?

What it Means

Real Madrid and Liverpool are both showing a keen interest in Gnabry and have allegedly reached out to his representatives. Once his contract is finished in 12 months, he would be able to leave and transfer for free.

Juventus is also apparently showing interest and even seems willing to agree to a loan deal before Gnabry’s 12 months are up. While some sources state that Bayern is trying to keep the German player on, he is reportedly open to leaving this summer and trying for a different team.

Should they not be able to come to an agreement with the German international player, their best bet is to sell him and use the funds to look for a replacement. There has been no official communication regarding players who are interested in replacing Gnabry.

However, Sport Bild states that a possible option might be the Ajax forward, Antony. This Brazilian soccer player has been linked with the club several times in the last few months.

Bayern’s Next Step

Serge GnabryUnsplash

Whatever happens between Bayern and Gnabry, the conclusion has to be reached soon. If Gnabry’s contract runs out to the end of it in 2023, Bayern will lose him to a free transfer. Already having lost other players to free transfers, their best bet would be to try and sell him this summer. With Gnabry being one of the most acclaimed German soccer stars, they should be able to reach a high bid for him.

This is especially true if clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool are interested in signing Gnabry. Bayern stands to raise a reasonable bid price for the German star, making it possible for them to find a suitable replacement. Although it hasn’t been confirmed that the German winger will leave, the club can’t afford to lose him on a free transfer.

However, Julian Nagelsmann, the boss of Bayern Munich, stated that he was confident Serge Gnabry would stay on with them. He stated that the soccer player has a good coach and teammates he gets along well with. What else could a soccer player want? Whether this is the case remains to be seen, as neither Bayern Munich nor Serge Gnabry has confirmed a decision on this matter.

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