Mt. Kipipiri Golf Resort – a golf course resort in Kipipiri, Nyandarua County

Construction is underway for the Mt. Kipipiri Golf Resort, the first private golf course resort in Kipipiri the in Nyandarua County.

Covering 1,400 acres of land, the Mt. Kipipiri Golf Resort will comprise an 18-hole golf course (with custom golf balls), a club house, a 5-star hotel, 600 holiday villas, and an airstrip, and will cost an estimated Sh22 billion.

The resort which is located at the foot of Aberdare Mountains is being funded by a consortium of Chinese investor who seek to cash in on the growing demand of luxury resorts in the country. The construction has started in earnest with earth movers already on site and the project is expected to take between four and five years to be fully complete and will end up employing an estimated 1,500 residents.

According to Nyandarua Governor, Waithaka Mwangi, the resort will help to attract a huge number of tourists in the area providing a market for the locals to sell their products, especially agriculture produce. The resort will be under the management of Chief Executive Young Moon Choi, MD Harish Ramji Patel and Director Robert Njoroge. The Governor also assured the investors of his government’s support to ensure the project is completed in time.

Mt Kipipiri Golf Resort Ltd acquired the land at an estimated Sh300 million from the former Director of Intelligence, the late James Kanyotu.

Golf tourism has been growing rapidly across the world with International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) saying the growth has averaged 10%. But for the sector to grow further there need to be an improvement in security, access to the market by air, accommodation, and quality golf courses and other services.


The 5 start Mt Kipipiri Golf Resort will have 600 holiday homes

The 5-star hotel, 600 holiday homes, and the airstrip will play a key role in marketing the golf course as an ideal destination for both international and local golf enthusiasts. Other quality golf courses include Vipingo Ridge golf course, Sigona golf course, Muthaiga golf course, Windsor golf course, Nyali golf course, Karen, Great Rift Valley golf course, Limuru golf course, Royal Nairobi golf course, among others.

Nyandarua is located 150km north of Nairobi offers a great stop over for those traveling to northern Kenya and rift vally with its attractive national parks and natural sites which include Aberdare National Park, Mount Kipipiri, Lake Ol’bollosat, Thompsons Falls. The area boasts huge population of wildlife like the hippo, black rhino,bongo antelope, leopards, and buffalo and over 250 bird species that include vultures, sunbirds, and goshawks.

The Mt. Kipipiri Golf Resort 5-star hotel will mainly target the new tourist circuit that allows visitors to travel from Nairobi to Nanyuki and Nakuru.