The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad for Superior Sound Effects and Sampling

The instrument has a powerful sampling style. It works with a variety of music instruments to produce great sounds and effects. The equipment has an appealing look that you can proudly show off on stage. In addition, it allows you to use the real-time effects and sampling by sliding, tapping or touching the KAOSS pad with your fingers.

The Korg KP3 is an intelligent music instrument with a processor and memory. This allows you to playback, store, recall or manage samples. You also add dynamic processing to the sample or any other audio signal.

Further, the Korg KP3 has 128 sound effect programs that include modulation, delay, filtering, reverb, LFO, compression, sample effects, drums, synthesizer and more. The equipment can us its algorithm and other features to provide other exciting effects other than those included in the programs.

There are so many possibilities with the Korg KP3 which is available from Musician’s Friend at very friendly prices.

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