The Yamaha HS80M Powered Studio Monitor

The Yamaha HS80M speaker is an affordable and flexible 120W speaker that delivers an honest mix of high quality sound. The speaker has an honest monitoring system, an 8 inch woofer and a tweeter.

The Yamaha HS80M featured at MF is a monitor speaker with flat frequency response in the 42Hz to 20 KHz range. It is equipped with Master level control as well as frequency response and room control switches to custom monitoring performance of various rooms. These and other features makes the speaker suitable for multimedia applications such as recording and others.

The Yamaha HS80M enclosure is made of high quality MDF material with a multiple-layer finish. The enclosure design minimizes resonance and an illuminated logo of the Yamaha tuning fork.

The speaker which is easy to use, compact, versatile and durable provides good audio and is suitable for a home studio, amateur and professional recording and mixing.