A Solar Panel-Covered Bike lane in Korean Highway

The Korean Highway that stretches between two cities Sejong and Daejeon 100 miles south of Seoul has a bike lane 20 miles long with a covering of solar panels. The bike lane is instilled in the middle of the stretch of the Korea highway- which makes it be in the median of the six-lane highway.

The solar panels at the top provide some shielding from the sun and rain to the riders due to the long distance between the two cities (20miles).The solar panels generate renewable power that is then used elsewhere. The bike lane is also surrounded by guardrails to help protect the cyclists from drivers to avoid occurrence of an accident. This makes the bicycle lane to be very outstanding.

There are pavilions at the bridge crossing which makes the cyclists ride their bikes up from where the road goes under the highway. On the brighter side the cyclists will be engaged with the environment and will get to recognize what’s happening in the surrounding. Those talented and whose hobby is cycling have been greatly considered by this move and as a form of leisure. Traffic congestion will also reduce.


  • The bicycle lane may be noisy; when big trucks are being driven.
  • The air may be polluted by carcinogenic diesel fuel, fuel emissions and smoke making it hazardous.
  • Vehicles can crash through the safety barriers causing injury and fatal accidents.

However, cycling should not be provided within a car prioritized design and instead the vehicles should be provided with a bike-oriented design. At a broader picture they should both be accommodated in a pedestrian- optimized design. This should follow the sequence from high priority; walking, cycling then driving basing on designs convenience and safety.