Botswana Choppies Supermarket is the Kiambu Mall’s Anchor Tenant

Choppies supermarket will become the anchor tenant in the newly built Kiambu Mall.
Following the challenges that Nakumatt is facing, they will not take up space at Kiambu Mall as earlier anticipated. Instead, Choppies, a Botswana-based retailer will take up the space and become the anchor tenant of the Kiambu Mall.

As Nakumatt supermarket reorganizes its operations, it has closed some of its branches and put on hold the opening up of additional stores within and outside Kenya.

According to Peter Burugu, the managing director of the Mugaa investments, the owners of the Kiambu Mall, Nakumatt has agreed to cancel the agreement in favor of Choppies. The Botswana retailer will now join other retailers such as Kamindi Selfridges supermarket Kiambu, Twiga supermarkets Kiambu, and Smart Home Kiambu.

Choppies stores expansion plans in Kenya

The Choppies entered the Kenyan retail market in early 2016 when it purchased the Ukwala stores. Other than the Kiambu Mall, the retail chain will open up other stores in various malls across the country. The Choppies East Africa’s executive director, Mr. Vijay Kumar, says that they plan to open about 40 stores in the next five years.
This includes the five more Choppies supermarkets before the end of the year and three more by mid next year. The five Choppies outlets will open be at the Spur Mall in Ruiru, Signature Mall in Mlolongo, Diamond Plaza in Parklands, in Diani and now the Kiambu mall.
In addition to refurbishing and re-branding the former Ukwala supermarket stores, they are planning to invest at least Ksh 200 million in each of the new Choppies outlets.

The Choppies Supermarket in Signature mall Mlolongo is set to become operational in 2018. The retailer will be the anchor tenant in the 1.14 billion, Mombasa Road mall with about 259,300 square feet.

Choppies stores in African countries

There are other Choppier supermarket stores in eight African countries. The Botswana retailer has outlets in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya where they already have 10 stores after taking over the Ukwala supermarket stores.

The retailer plans to invest in hyper and express stores that will stock local products as well as the international brands that other retailers do not sell.

The other tenants in the Kiambu Mall include Nairobi Hospital, Commercial Bank of Africa, Ashleys, Java, Vivo Energy and more.

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    Please check with the different companies that are going to operate from the Kiambu Mall, otherwise, the mall is simply offering the space.

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    You could also contact the owners of the Mall -Migaa Investments, but I think there are high chances of getting a job from the new businesses that will set up shop there.

    Check with the supermarket like Choppies, banks, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

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