Construction of Mombasa-Jomvu Superhighway to Ease Transport in and out of Kenya’s Coastal Town

The Jomvu-Mombasa superhighway will be constructed along the Northern Corridor between Mombasa and Mariakani weighbridge.

The 11-kilometre stretch between Mombasa port and Miritini, is the first phase of the 41.6 KM, Mariakani to Mombasa road upgrade that will convert the section of Nairobi Mombasa highway into a dual carriageway.

The upgrade of the Mombasa Mariakani road, which will comprise two other phases will cost a total of about KSh 39 billion, and is funded by the African Development Bank and the Kenyan government.

Once complete, the Jomvu-Mombasa superhighway will ease the traffic congestion usually witnessed on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

Another on-going project in the Kenya’s coastal town is the construction of the Sh2.7 billion Moi International Airport/Port Reitz access road which will provide a crucial lint to the new second container depot terminal in Mombasa.

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Other ongoing road projects in the county include the Sh2.7 billion Port Reitz/Moi International Airport access road that will provide a key link to the newly constructed second container terminal which will require Steel Fabrication as well.

Jomvu-Mombasa superhighway to be complete in 2019

The Kenya Highway authority (KenHa) has indicated that construction of the Jomvu-Mombasa superhighway, which starts in 2017, will be complete by August 2019. This will turn the single-two roadway into a dual carriageway with six lanes to ease transportation of cargo and cranes Perth in the next 900 days.

It will also provide a provision for non-motorized transport network and adjacent truck parking areas including service lanes to improve accessibility to surrounding business areas and port related activity centers such as Container Freight Stations (CFSs).

Over 300,000 people and 5,000 vehicles use the ferry channel each day; which has overwhelmed the Kenya Ferry Services (KFS), with five ferries breaking down frequently, resulting to delays, construction of the road, a faster pathway for trucks and an efficient rail network look, will change the image of Mombasa port as Kenya steps up efforts to improve the regional facility.

“The road once complete,” Munindia said,” will ease cargo transportation from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi and neighboring countries of Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.”

“We expect that the bids will be out on August 23rd after which we will do the evaluation and award the contract. The entire bypass will cost about Sh39 billion and will be complete in four years because most of the works will be done in the ocean,” said Mr Mundinia.


Elsewhere, the evacuation of goods from Mombasa Port is set to take a radical turn for container freight stations (CFS) after the completion standard gauge railway. The privately owned CFS facilities, where bulk, liquid and containerized goods have been kept upon offloading to help ease congestion at the port, may no longer be necessary at all. The superhighway is also expected to improve accessibility to businesses in Mombasa mainland west and the town as well as port activities in the county.

Expanding the Nairobi Mombasa highway

M/S The Third Engineering Bureau of China City Construction Group Co Ltd  will convert the 11.3km stretch from Mombasa to Jomvu on the 41.6 km Mombasa-Mariakani Road after winning the Sh 6.5 billion tender. It will expand the current single-two roadway into a dual carriageway with six lanes to be complete in 30 months.

Other than the construction at the coast, there is another expansion of the Nairobi Mombasa highway between Athi River and Machakos junction. The China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co will upgrade the section between the Machakos turn off and Athi River, on the Nairobi Mombasa highway.

This expansion will convert the 20 km Athi River to Machakos turn-off section along the Mombasa Nairobi highway into a dual carriageway at a cost of about Sh 5.3 billion.

Design and features of the new Jomvu-Mombasa highway

The road will have three interchanges. These will be located at Changamwe, Mikindani junction and at Kwa Jomvu. The port area development project also entails an interchange at Miritini and at the entry of Kipevu, rail-over Road Bridge at Miritini, a weighbridge along the Kipevu link road and a 1.3km access road to the Moi International Airport.

The project will be divided into; Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three whereby, Munindia said, KeNHA was in the process of slotting bids for the construction of phase two and three of the Dongo Kundu bypass. Early June, KeNHA advertised for the tender for construction of phases two and three after the government secured funds.

Phase one of Mariakani-Mombasa highway

The road will cover Kipevu an 11-kilometre stretch between Mombasa port and Miritini and will cost KS 6.5 billion. It is currently 70 per cent complete. The key purpose of phase one is to decongest Mombasa port to ensure smooth flow of traffic from Kipevu to Miritini and also it will be easier to transport cargo from the port destined for Nairobi and neighboring countries including Uganda and Rwanda.

Phase one will is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the government of Kenya.

Phase two of the Mombasa-Mariakani road upgrade

It covers a distance of 8.9 kilometres between Mwache Junction and Mteza.

Phase three of the Mariakani-Mombasa highway upgrade

It covers a distance of 6.9 kilometres between Mteza and Kibundani, linking the highway with the Likoni-Lunga Lunga road. The 26-kilometre Dongo Kundu road linking Mombasa-Nairobi highway with Likoni-Lunga Lunga road is also referred to as the Southern bypass and seen as the solution to the perennial problem of congestion at the Likoni ferry, which is blamed for the underdevelopment of the south coast.

Additionally, Mwongora urged the road motorists to use the roads with respect noting they are expensive to maintain.

“Some people are putting up funny structures on the roads, blocking drainage and the roads start to accumulate water and debris,” he said.

He said some advertisers are also erecting big billboards, some with nude pictures that distract the motorists, leading to accidents.

Mwongora said the projects will complement the on-going expansion of James Gichuru Junction to Rironi and the upcoming expansion of JKIA to Likoni Road junction.

The project will:-

  • Ease in traffic congestion in Mombasa Nairobi Highway.
  • Speed in the movement of goods and passengers at the ports.
  • Importers will receive goods within a shorter time.
  • Facilitate easy access and navigation to the Port of Mombasa.

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