How to Pay for NHIF Monthly Fees

NHIF members in formal employment or self-employed voluntary contributors must pay a specific amount each month to have an active medical cover and access benefits.

You can pay the monthly fees with one of the methods below.

Bank Deposit

Members can use their membership number to deposit a contribution to any of the NHIF bank accounts at KCB, Co-operative bank, National bank, or Equity bank. Payment reflects in the system immediately. The method was widely used in the past years but mobile money transfer is now the in-thing.

Use NHIF PayBill Number  

NHIF has a pay bill number, 200222 for members to use when paying their contributions. It is convenient by saving members from going to pay physically and filing paperwork.

  • Go to the M-Pesa menu on the Safaricom line and select the Pay Bill option
  • Enter NHIF M-Pesa business number i.e 200222
  • Type your account number represented by your National ID number.
  • Enter the amount to contribute. The lowest amount is Ksh 500/month but you can pay for many months as you wish.
  • Enter M-Pesa pin
  • Confirm accuracy of the details and if they are press OK

M-Pesa sends an SMS notification immediately showing the submission of the money to NHIF. The payment reflects in the NHIF systems after 2 to 3 days.

Pay for NHIF using Jambo Pay

A voluntary NHIF member can pay monthly contributions by accessing NHIF services through Jambo Pay App or NHIF is one of the companies listed in Jambo pay. You can quickly pay your premiums soon after selecting NHIF.

You can check the status of your NHIF contributions if you cannot recall. Go to the messages menu on your phone, type the word ID leave a space, type ID number or passport if you used it to register. Send the message to 21101.

NHIF will respond with a message showing last month it received your contribution. You can also access all your payment data on the NHIF self-service portal on Start by registering if you are not registered.


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