How to Buy Airtime with Fuliza

Nowadays you can buy airtime with Fuliza with the same ease as when you buy with M -Pesa. Fuliza is a product that Safaricom developed jointly with banking partners to allow customers to access an overdraft facility and complete transactions when they do not have enough money in an M- Pesa wallet.

The initial thought was to develop the facility for shoppers who pay for goods and services via Lipa Na M-Pesa to get methods of topping up when their M -Pesa wallets do not have enough money to pay for purchases. Many saw the Fuliza overdraft facility as a fantasy but with time, it turned into a way of life for many subscribers.

It has become more convenient when Tupay Technology cracked something that seemed impossible by creating a platform for buying airtime without cash or M-Pesa funds. Tupay Technology Pay bill number 737373 allows the purchase of airtime with Fuliza overdraft.

You can only pay to buy airtime with Fuliza if you are registered.  You must possess an active Safaricom line and be a registered M -Pesa customer. You register for Fuliza by dialing *234# and selecting Fuliza.

Below is the way to buy airtime with Fuliza.

  • Go to M -Pesa menu
  • Select Pay Bill option
  • Enter 737373 as the business number
  • For an account number, enter your phone number
  • Enter the airtime amount you want to buy
  • Enter M Pesa PIN then click send
  • A prompt appears for you to check the details of the transaction within 25 seconds. It will continue to options if you do not cancel the transaction
  • Choose option 1 to prompt Fuliza to pay the transaction

You will get a notification SMS showing the outstanding amount after transacting with Fuliza to buy airtime.

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