Major features along Langata road

Lang’ata road is a busy road that acts as a link to major areas in and out of Nairobi. It is approximately 10km road and leads to several urban estates which large number of up-market and middle- income homes.

Never had we imagined that the road network in Kenya would be a spectacular beauty to admire, but within the last ten years the engineers has shown the beauty they can bring closer to people. The standard set by the recent expansion and construction of Thika Super highway cannot be drained down by construction of any other road especially if it is within the Capital city.

Besides the general construction of a road, there are other key features that add beauty to the road and they include; shopping malls, tourist attraction sites, commercial and residential buildings, among others, add to the beauty of the road.

Major features along Langat road

A drive along the Lang’ata road will be leading one to one of the best places one will be spoilt for choice; there is availability of cool restaurants, natural beautiful parks for all events and recreation centers, highly held education facilities in addition to the modern shopping malls.

Along Lang’ata road is Bomas of Kenya which is the home of cultural presentations in Kenya besides its great conferencing facilities; it’s an inspiring tourist attraction center both for local and international tourists. Within the last few years it has undergone a major face lift leaving it a magnificent place to serve as a center for all.

Walking past here one is sure to visit the giraffe center which is the home of the tall creatures and adding to its beauty is the existence of the relaxing park of Uhuru Freedom Garden not forgetting that the gate to Nairobi National park is accessed through this road. It’s a haven for Kenya’s wildlife attracting both locals and foreigners.

Langata road restaurants and Entertainment facilities

The most preferred place for cultural nights is one of the hotels along Lang’ata road, the Carnivore restaurant and Carnivore Simba saloon. A perfect place for family outings and general fun in its open grounds. For posh and lavish parties there are garden parks which are luxurious, unique filled with natural beauty. They can be used for all social events and recreation activities and they are places for all.

Shopping malls along Langata road

There are numerous shopping malls along the road. Galleria shopping mall is an exceptional example of modernity, class and entertainment. Home for all, cool joints and eateries are found in this shopping mall. Cool eateries and relaxing places are constitute the shops and restaurants along this busy road not forgetting the classy shops along Bomas of Kenya and Wilson Airport.

Another busy mall is the T-Mall just before the Langata women prison and opposite Strathmore University; this comes after the Madaraka estate and the popular Nairobi West shopping center.

Schools and learning institutions along Langata road

Along Lang’ata road you are home to some the country’s top institutions. Most of these institutions are a spectacular view from the road, an example being the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Strathmore University. The Langata road also leads to Nazarene university in Ongata Rongai.

Others include Langata primary school, Sunshine Secondary School, Flight Training Centre at Wilson Airport.


Construction of a Southern Bypass and Langata interchange

Another feature that is going to be a savior in many ways for the Lang’ata road will be the southern bypass. It will come to ease the traffic congestion along this road. The southern bypass scheduled to start from Kikuyu and running across both the Ngong road and Lang’ata road will reduce traffic thanks to the major roads expansion.

Transport along Langata Road

The estates along the Langata road are served by several public service vehicles that branch off at the Nyayo stadium roundabout and exit from the busy Mombasa road.

There are for example the Matatu number 14 that serves Nairobi West and south C, Matatu number 15 that serves Langata estate as well as the Ongata Rongai and Kiserian bound vehicles.

The Langata Barracks are situated just after the bypass interchange and opposite the Langata cemetery, the largest cemetery in Kenya. The Kenya wildlife Service (KWS) headquarters are situated just next to the Barracks and is within the Nairobi National Park. It is worth noting that the Nairobi National Park, is the only park located within a city in the whole world, something Kenyans should be proud off and work towards protecting.

We will be bringing you a comprehensive list of the businesses, restaurants, schools, shopping centers and other facilities along Langata road.

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