Oserian seeks to establish solar farms

Oserian Development that mainly deals with flower growing and export is set to start using solar energy. The development firm which has been using geothermal steam to power their operations, heat the greenhouses and light staff houses wants to go more green.

With an aim to cut energy costs and reduce environmental degradation, the firm recently applied for a license to be allowed to install solar energy by laying PV panels on their buildings’ roofs. The request was submitted to the Energy Regulatory Authority. Any opposing parties were given time to present their cases or disapproval before then.

Oserian solar power investment comes after Tatu City, Kiambu request for a similar license to generate and use solar power for commercial purposes. This was with an aim of reducing the power costs for the residents and lead to more development ventures. However, they will still be using the national grid to supplement the renewable energy. Geothermal development associates had supplied a nominal two MW steam turbine generator to Oserian that enables them to produce their own geothermal power.



Why Oserian settled to using solar energy


Solar energy is readily gotten from the sun’s radiation which is then trapped using the solar panels. According to a certain research that was carried out, the energy that the sun provides to earth in an hour could meet the global energy needs for a year. For starters, solar power causes no pollution to the environment and reduces dependence on foreign oil and fuels. The solar panels are reliable and long-lasting for up to 30 years.

For domestic use, solar energy can be used to heat water, power cars, and light houses. Amazing features about solar energy

• It requires low maintenance,

• It provides energy security

• Reliable source of energy

• It offers energy independence

• Solar energy can be gotten silently hence no noise pollution.

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