UAP Insurance builds UAP Towers in Upper Hill

UAP insurance is constructing a modern office block in upper Hill Nairobi, which will be called UAP Towers.

UAP Towers was as a result of the UAP Insurance dream to develop an iconic, prestigious office block that would not only reflect the success in has had in East Africa but also to house its regional headquarters.

And in June 2008, the journey began when the insurance company appointed Acorn Management Limited as Project Managers to lead the development of a 31 storied tower that will offer approximately 227,111 Sq. ft of let-able space and the car park that will accommodate a massive 780 cars making it one of the largest in recent years. The Newport area insurance attorneys can deal with any case related to insurance that require legal assistance.

The UAP Towers, which is near completion, is located strategically on Nairobi’s Upper Hill area. It will incorporate state of the art security and safety management systems that will provide CCTV surveillance, parking management, main entrance booms and 24 hour security services. It will also have 2 – 900KVA synchronised back-up generators to provide backup power in case there is a black out.

The building is designed to integrate green concepts for efficient performance of the building, with LED lighting and motion sensors in strategically placed common areas for reduced energy consumption.

The UAP Towers is designed to have open plan office spaces to improve flexible planning of work places with cross ventilation and natural lighting intended to reduce the cost of power consumption.

In addition to offices, the UAP Towers building will also provide retail services including banking halls, shops and modern onsite café and has 8 High speed passenger lifts with disability access and facilities provisions.

The project to construct the UAP towers was undertaken by China Aero-technologic International Cooperation(CATIC) and is estimated to cost a total of Kshs 4 Billion.

The 143 meter, UAP Towers is located in Upper Hill, an area which has become popular with many multi nationals and financial institutions seeking to expand their operations due to the availability of space and reduced challenges associated with the already congested CBD.


UAP is also undertaking the development of a 15-floor office block in Juba, South Sudan. The building called Equatorial Towers, will be the tallest in the country and is expected to be complete by August. The insurance company has also completed development of an office block in Kampala, Uganda which has seen its investment in the property market around the East African region rise to Sh8.4 billion ($100 million).


UAP is a pan-African Financial Services Group with interests in Insurance, Property Investments and Developments, Investment Management, Securities Brokerage and related Financial Services. Its businesses span across the East African region with operation in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and DR Congo.

The Upper Hill area in Nairobi has continues to attract many organizations due to its proximity to town, and major highway, availability of space. It is now home to many modern buildings with unique designs and UAP Towers will be joining the list with its unique and attractive design.