How to Apply For NHIF Membership Online

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a government initiative to provide citizens with an affordable health cover. Residents of over 18 years are eligible for Dis-Chem Medical Aid. Applicants for many years were visiting NHIF offices to apply for membership cards and numbers. Technology now allows online applications although the in-person application is still popular.

NHIF Membership Application Requirements

Kenyan residents

  • You should have the following items before you apply for an NHIF card online.
  • Scanned copy of original ID
  • Scanned copy of marriage certificate where applicable
  • Recent clear passport-sized photo of the applicant and spouse when applicable

Foreign residents

  • Scanned copy of passport, work permit, or alien certificate and that of a spouse when applicable
  • Scanned copy of color passport size photo including that of a spouse and dependents when applicable

Foreign students 

  • Copy of passport
  • Scanned passport-sized color photo

How to register for NHIF membership online

apply for nhif

Gather all the necessary documents then make the application using these steps on a computer

  • Type
  • Choose between self-employed and employed (the law requires employers to register their employees and make contributions)
  • Choose the type of application that suits you i.e. Kenyan citizen, foreign resident, or student
  • A page with a form to fill in the necessary details will appear. Fill in the correct details without registration errors
  • Upload and attaché scanned copies of the document that applies to you i.e. ID card, passport, or alien certificate
  • Upload a scanned copy of recent passport photo and spouse if married
  • Attach a marriage certificate if applicable
  • Examine if everything is correct and if so click save to apply

After successful completion of the application, you should visit the NHIF office of Huduma center to request for printing of your card.

How to Register NHIF Inperson application 

In-person application means that you visit an NHIF office or Huduma Center to fill an individual or employer registration form depending on the suitable application.

You can also download a form from the NHIF website, fill in advance and visit the offices to submit it.

NHIF Application Requirements

You require carrying copies of the official identification document. It can be a National ID card for Kenyan citizens. Foreign nationals or students should carry copies of their passport, work permit, or alien certificate. The employed should submit a letter of employment.

Requirements to Include Dependents 

  • Carry copies of these documents if you plan to include dependents
  • A copy of the spouse’s identification document
  • A copy of the marriage certificate or an affidavit from a magistrate′s court
  • A copy of each child′s birth certificate or a birth notification for children under the age of months
  • Colored passport size photos for all the dependents
  • Fill in the correct information in provided fields and attach the appropriate documents from the list above. Also, fill the preferred outpatient facility.
  • Pay Ksh 1500. The amount is the equivalent of 3 months contribution for voluntary self -employed contributors

Registration mostly takes 7 days to complete. Applicants should visit the office of registration with proof of identity after the period to collect the NHIF Card.

When Does NHIF Cover Become Active?

You cannot pay for NHIF cover and enjoy benefits immediately. It has a waiting period for applicants to become active members. People in employment wait for 30 days to access all NHIF benefits. Voluntary contributors wait for 90 days.

There is also a waiting period in case of lateness in making monthly contributions. Contributors (employers or self-employed) should make payments by the 9th of every month. Failure to contribute on time attracts a penalty of Kes 250 per month in addition to all the missed monthly premium and upfront contribution of at least a month.

NHIF deactivates the cards for members if they do not contribute for months. The card will be reactivated after paying at least Ksh 1500 to cater for monthly contributions and a waiting period of 60 days.

It is essential to keep checking the NHIF membership status each month through the NHIF portal or by SMS service especially for the employed because an employer may fail to submit monthly payments.

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