KOTO Housing Kenya Builds a House in 14 days

KOTO housing Kenya says it can build a modern maisonette in two weeks using its modern KOTO Building Technology.

A three bedroom house which would cost Sh.3.6 million using conventional brick and mortal style would cost Sh.1.8 million using KOTO’s prefabricated building technology. This would also cut the time frame to build this kind of house from 6 months to just 14 days.

koto housing kenya

Prefabricated materials, made of fibre cement and galvanised steel, are making their way into the Kenya market for their popularity in building houses at a reduced cost. The technology enables the building materials to be manufactured in the company and transported to the building site at all at once; therefore eliminating the cost incurred transporting conventional materials which can take up to 50 percent of the total cost.

These materials are assembled within the shortest time possible, saving on time and prevents wastage of materials unlike the conventional building materials. According to KOTO Housing, their technology could save home owners up to Sh.10, 000 per square metre, these buildings are also durable and secure.

KOTO Housing requires a developer to pay a Kes. 100,000/ commitment fee when applying for a house to be built, this fee forms part of the purchase price. The developer is then supposed to organise how the financing for the balance of purchase will be made. They also advise their customers to fence their plot or ensure there is adequate security on site. And also to ensure utilities like water, electricity, and sewer is already on site.

koto housing kenya

The company, which is a subsidiary of KOTO Corporation in Malaysia, says their designs utilize minimum space yet they produce comfortable and luxurious buildings with the assistance of Houston attic insulation experts. If you’re eager to enjoy the advantages of enhanced ceiling insulation promptly, you can confidently turn to the loft insulation installers like the ones at https://loftinsulationinstallers.co.uk/. They have created a collection of their own complex modernist designs ranging from bungalows to villas, from apartments to hostels, from classrooms to dispensaries and more which they have successfully implemented in Malaysia. The company is located in Koto House (Formely the People Printing House), in Mlolongo, Mombasa Road.

KOTO Housing Kenya has signed a mortgage partnership with Jamii Bora Bank where customers will be able to obtain 100 percent mortgage loans to build their KOTO houses. The JBB will finance individuals, groups and companies to build both residential houses and commercial properties. If you own a piece of land, you will be required open an account with Jamii Bora. After this you only need to obtain building plans or choose a design from KOTO Housing and apply for a mortgage and in 14 days you will be a home owner. Jamii Bora says even when someone doesn’t own land, they can also choose to save with the bank until they acquire a piece of land on which to build on.