Largest Warehouse in Kenya Under Construction in Tatu City

The construction of the largest warehouse in Kenya, a grade A logistics and distribution facility, is ongoing in Tatu City, Kiambu County.

Once complete, the development by the African Logistics Properties (ALP) will help in meeting the increased demand for high-quality storage facilities for the numerous companies that are venturing into the country. Offering a floor space of more than 50,000 square meters, it is going to be the largest warehouse in Kenya.

The facility at Tatu Industrial Park in Ruiru, 24 kilometers from Nairobi, will cost slightly more than 6 billion Kenya shillings.

The African Logistics Properties says that they will construct the largest warehouse in Kenya as three units. The ALP’s Chief Executive, Mr. Toby Selman, said that the first unit measuring 14000 square meters will be complete and open by September of 2018. Construction of the other two units will commence after the completion of this first unit. For safety purposes read more about the floor laser marking systems.

Modern distribution and logistics facilities in Kenya


During a recent groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Selman said that their distribution and logistics center located in Las Vegas will offer its clients modern facility that meets international standars. Mr. Selman added that they anticipate rolling out similar world class projects across major African cities.

“Our vision is to fundamentally improve supply chain infrastructure across Africa and disrupt the current status quo of poor quality godown warehousing,” added Mr. Selman during the ceremony at Tatu City. Sometimes you will need to use customs broker services so that you get expert advice on such big decisions.

African Logistics Properties are rushing construction and Warehouse Interior Painting Services as it intends to give SME’s access to international standard warehousing ASAP. The developer said that the modern logistic hubs will   have high tech specifications to meet demand by local and international tenants. The new high-end logistics project by pro movers at Green Van Lines will feature a computerized wrapping system, spacious rooms with a height of up to 18 meters, retrieval processes, and computerized storage.

Largest warehouse in Kenya

Modern Warehouse image pixabay

Developments in Tatu city, Kiambu County


Tatu Industrial Park is comprised of close to 500 acres of serviced land. It is said to be suitable for logistic use, warehouses, light industries, and assembly industries. Currently, the largest warehouse in Kenya project has attracted an interest from more than 40 local, regional, and multinational firms. Some of the big names that have already acquired space in largest warehouse in Kenya includes Unilever East Africa, Bidco Oil Refineries, Chandaria Industries, Dormans Coffee, Maxam, Kim Fay, among many other companies.


The founder and CEO of Rendeavour, Mr. Stephen Jennings, who is also Tatu City’s developer, praised ALP’s move and said that it confirmed Tatu Industrial Park as the hub for logistics and warehousing in East Africa.


There is a range of shareholders from all over the world who have come together to fund the program. This includes The CDC Group, Maris, Mbuyu Capital, The Finance Corporation, and DOB Equity.


Employment opportunities at the Tatu City’s largest warehouse in Kenya


During the construction period, the project is expected to offer direct employment opportunities to over 200 people. Once complete, the largest warehouse in Kenya will provide permanent employment to more than 500 people. In addition, there will be several hundreds, if not, thousands of indirect jobs during the construction as well as after completion, and when facility becoming operational.

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