Ngong road Expansion between Kenya National Library Services and Prestige Plaza

Construction of the Ngong road phase one is almost complete. The expansion of the Ngong road section between the Prestige Plaza and Kenya National Library Services in Upperhill, is part of a bigger plan to  to ease traffic congestion along the busy Ngong road.

Ngong road is notorious for being one of the most congested roads in Nairobi County. Motorists from estates along the road, Karen and even as far as Ngong Town have reported spending hours on a stretch of road that would normally require minutes to pass.

The dual carriageway construction, which began in August 2016, is among the major projects done by the County government of Nairobi. The road project is part of a wider de-congestion program to reduce travel time through improved traffic flow. Additionally, the Ngong road’s new design will also reduce conflict by road users.

According to statistics from the World Bank in 2016, an average of Sh12 billion is lost every month in Nairobi as a result of traffic gridlock hence the upgrade will bring the country closer to 10 per cent annual GDP growth.

Ngong road Expansion project from Nairobi CBD to Karen

The project consists of three phases; Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three. It also incorporates a bridge at the Karen-Jamhuri crossing.

It was launched in August 2016 with a cost of 1.4 billion Kenya shillings. Its completion date was revised from July 31, 2017, to December 31, 2017, due to challenges in the relocation of services such as water and electricity among other project constraints.

It is sponsored through a grant from the Japanese Government, through its Economic Cooperation Program Project supervision, which will be carried on by Katahira and Engineers International and KURA will be the client.

Ngong road Phase One

The road will cover a span of 2.57 km covering between Prestige Plaza and Kenya National Library, which is being built by Japanese Firm World Kaihatsu Kogyo Limited (WKK) for Sh1.4 billion. The company emerged the lowest bidder beating two other pre-qualified companies Konoike and Toda Construction Companies.

The construction of the Ngong road phase 1 from Kenya National Library to Prestige Plaza is funded by the Japanese government.

It includes a Four lane and service roads on both sides comprising pedestrian walkways and bicycle lane.

An artist impression of Ngong road expansion

Phase Two Ngong road

The road will cover a stretch between Prestige Centre and Dagoretti Corner, whereby this section of Ngong road expansion will be financed by the Japanese government which is set to start in July 2017.

Ngong road Phase Three

The final phase starting from Dagoreti Corner and ending at the Karen roundabout is set to improve the Karen-Ngong Town-Kiserian-Galleria/Bomas Loop.

This phase is to be financed by the government of Kenya; however, the government canceled the expansion of Phase Three and called for a redesign of the plans.

Some features of the new Ngong road

  • The upgrade is expected to ease traffic congestion at the city center.
  • The smart lights at junctions on Ngong road will allow a longer period of traffic flow from roads with most vehicles, as opposed to the current analog lights which are time-based, restricted to allowing and stopping vehicles at intervals.
  • The project, according to KURA, will have a provision of Light railway or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), whereby, a BRT includes a roadway which is dedicated to buses alongside other designed features to reduce delays caused by passengers boarding or alighting from buses.
  • The new Ngong highway will include pedestrian walkways, traffic lights, road markings and signalling systems.

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