US Food Chain Hardee Expands its Market in Kenya

Hardee restaurant was started with an aim of providing modestly priced hamburgers and French fries for income generation. It was in 1960 that the first Hardee restaurant was started in Greenville. By then, they were offering char broiled hamburgers with quick service.

At first, Hardee was solely by Wilbur Hardee, but got partnership offers from Leonard Rawls and Jim Gadner which led to establishment of Hardee’s Drive INS, Inc.

They continued opening outlets in the area with Wilbur owning half of the shares, while Leonard and Jim split the other half between themselves. The restaurant seemed to thrive well and Leonard and Jim started planning on expanding the business. However, Wilbur thought otherwise and sold his shares to them. They then decided to sell their shares to two more partners; Bradshaw and Richardson. The four of them worked their way through and led to the creation of 500 Hardee restaurants in ten different states.

The name later changed to Hardee’s Food system in 1970 and by 1990’s it had become the third-largest fast-food restaurant company in the world. Later in the years, Hardee was purchased by CKE and they brought a lot of changes. The logo image was also transformed to increase competition with other fast-food companies. Thus, over the years Hardee continued establishing stores worldwide and settled to opening branches in Kenya back in 2016.

During the first outlet opening of American’s burger chain Hardee in Kenya, they announced their plan of opening ten outlets in Nairobi. This was at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where their first outlet is situated. This was an ideal location since most travelers did identify and trust the brand.

JKIA outlet currently gets approximately 250 guests checks each day. Its menu is priced in dollars, but has an applicable exchange rate to current currency. According to CKE Restaurant Holdings, the opening of the first branch at JKIA offered a perfect entry point into the region.

Due to this, Hardee is set to open its third branch in March 2018 at Two Rivers Mall just months after opening its second outlet at Westlands road back in 2017. Hardee Two River’s mall outlet is set to reach a larger population due to its popularity of the mall.

In addition, the three branches will lead to employment of 60 workers. They will need the services of 24 hour HR advice helpline for employers to manage that number of employees. The administrators of Hardee are happy about the progress of the firm in Kenya and are expecting an improvement in the coming years.

Due to their high-quality commodities and services, the demand has also risen and more people are embracing it. In addition, they also serve French fries, beer, ice cream, hot beverages, and soft drinks.

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