Fast Food Giant KFC Increases Market Share in Kenya

Fast food giant KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) seeks to expand their hold on Kenya’s fast food industry with a new outlet in Village Market. They will now have 21 outlets in Kenya, most of which are in Nairobi county. Kuku Foods East Africa, the KFC local franchisee, announced plans to continue investing heavily in expansion over the coming years.

They plan to open five more outlets in Kenya, one more in Uganda and their first in Rwanda by the end of next year. KFC’s growth in the region signifies the potential of the fast food industry in the region.


Growth of fast food industry in Kenya

This rapid growth of the fast food industry in the region is as a result of the shift in population demographics and fast economic growth leading to increased disposable income. This basically means that there are a lot of young people with money to spend.

KFC outlets in Kenya

The youthful population in Africa is set to double by 2050. If the economic growth in the region remains stable, more global fast food giants will seek to take a bite of this market. This is already evident as other fast food retailers such as Cold Stone Creamy, Sandwich Chain Subway among others have expressed interest in the region.

Another factor aiding the rise in the demand of fast food is their ready to go nature and delivery model employed by most outlets. They’ve developed an elaborate traffic flow strategy with proper Drive Thru Markings to make it easy for customers on the go to buy from them. Most young people in Kenyan University hostels or even those at work but yet to start a family prefer not to cook and fast-food offers them an alternative. A company like KFC makes tens of thousands of deliveries in a month.

Truth be told, fast-food is very delicious and can be very addictive. This is one of the reasons why people just can’t quit it despite the health implications. Those who have had a taste of real fast food can relate. Nothing beats having that nice bucket of crispy chicken wings and bottle of ice cold coke delivered to your door step for movie night.

Location of KFC outlets in Kenya

So for those of you who don’t know the thrill that comes with crispy chicken wings, I’ve prepared a list of KFC outlets and their contacts just for you. You can thank me later.

KFC GARDEN CITY                                  KFC Drive-Thru                             KFC Westlands

Garden City Mall                                       Nairobi                                               Nairobi 

Nairobi                                                        0722 532532                                    0716 741257

0722 532 532

KFC Total Limuru Road                       KFC Westgate                                KFC Mama Ngina Street

Nairobi                                                        Nairobi                                               Nairobi

0722 532 532                                            0722 532 532                                   0722 532 532

KFC Kimathi Street                                 KFC Junction                               KFC Waiyaki Way

Nairobi                                                       Junction Mall                                    Nairobi

0722 532 532                                            Nairobi                                               0722 532 532

                                                                    0704 807 166

KFC Drive Through                                  KFC Galleria                                   KFC

Mombasa                                                 Galleria Mall                                       Southfield Mall 

0722 532 532                                           Nairobi                                               Nairobi

                                                                   0722 532 532                                     0722 532 532

KFC Woodvale groove                          KFC Kisumu                                     KFC Nakuru

Westlands                                                United Mall                                         Westside Mall

Nairobi                                                      Kisumu                                                Nakuru

0722 532 532                                          0722 532 532                                     0722 532 532

KFC Nanyuki                                          KFC The Hub                                    KFC Eldoret

Cedar Mall                                              The Hub Karen                                     Eldoret

Nanyuki                                                   Nairobi                                                  0708 999 555

0722 532 532                                         0722 532 532

KFC Village Market

Village Market

0722 532 532

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