How to Pay for Parking in Mombasa using Mobile Phone

You can now pay for parking in Mombasa using your mobile phone. All that you need to do is to dial *282# on your phone and then follow the instructions. The Mombasa parking system is part of a larger digital platform that enables motorists and business people in the coastal city to pay for other services. Besides parking, the system has the option to pay for single business permits, advertisements, medical services, land rates, liquor licenses, etc.

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Below is a detailed guide on how to use the Mombasa county parking ussd code.

How to pay parking on your phone

Step 1. Dial *282#

The system will require that you first register by submitting your name and preferred pin.

Step 2. Register

Submit your name and create a new pin for the system. (Please note the that this is not your phone’s pin number)

Step 3. select Service 

After this, you will get a Welcome to Mombasa County e-services screen with the following options;

  1. My Services
  2. My Account

To pay for parking in Mombasa, select the first option (My services) by entering 1.

Step 4. Choose Pay Parking

This gives you another screen with two options

  1. Pay Parking
  2. Traffic  Offenses

Select 1 for parking payment

Step 5. Specify the type of vehicle

If paying for the first time, select new, if you had paid for the same vehicle before select existing.

You will then proceed to select the vehicle type, whether private, saloon, pickup, canter, trailer, etc.

Step 6. Select the Parking Zone


  1. CBD
  2. Nyali
  3. Shimanzi
  4. Changamwe
  5. Likoni
  6. Kisauni

Step 7. Submit Registration Number

Enter the Vehicle Registration Number and send

The system will return the amount to pay depending on your vehicle type and location.

Step 8 . Accept payment

Select 1 to accept payment or 2 to reject.

If you accept, it will send a push message to your account so that you can pay.

Step 9. Complete Mpesa transaction

Proceed with the Mpesa payment and finalize the transaction.

Your parking payment is now done and you will receive a confirmation message.

County governments embracing digital payments

Other than the Mombasa county’s e-parking systems, there is a number of other counties that have digitized their revenue collection systems. Some of the counties, currently using mobile phone parking solutions either through a mobile phone or online parking systems, include Nairobi, Kiambu, Meru, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and others.

Benefits of collecting revenues using digital systems

Generally, the mobile parking phone-based parking and revenue collection solutions have several benefits. This includes convenience, less costly, improved revenue collection, reduced corruption, etc.

For example, in the manual system, some corrupt county employees used can print and use parallel ticket booklets. This means that they will keep the revenues collected instead of submitting it to the county.

Digitizing the revenue collections systems is one way of improving efficiency and easing the payment for the motorists and business people and residents. The self-service systems reduce the need to physically visit the relevant offices or look for the employees such as parking attendant.  This reduces the inconveniences while also saving significant time. For the county governments, it means that they will require less staff hence lower wage bills and related costs.

Another advantage is that motorists can even pay for their parking even before they have parked their cars, such as while on the way to the town. They can also pay for the parking when in the office, having their breakfast, or any other place far from the vehicle. Also, a motorist can request someone else, not physically at the parking area, to pay the fee from them using their mobile phone. For the manual system, a motorist must first locate the attendant, pay the cash, obtain a receipt and then display it on the vehicle’s dashboard.

On the other hand, the attendant does not require the physical receipts fro the mobile-based parking systems. They simply use their own verification gadgets to check their online systems based on the car registration number.



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